Monday, November 11, 2013

Seems like

I am constantly updating this blog with good intentions =) I do have them, but unfortunately my busy life takes over sometimes {read holding the baby, or driving} . The baby is finally sleeping wonderful, like 11-12 hours at night! He also take a good 4 +/- hour nap in the day plus a few smaller naps, say he is a rock star i am LOVING having a baby again he is so cuddly he fills my heart with so much joy.

We sold our house almost a year ago and we have been renting since we have been looking again to buy and houses are selling SO quickly its crazy. i hate making big decisions so quickly on big things. We have put about 3-4 offers and haven't got any of them... oh well! we found a house yesterday we LOVE i am praying the doors open and we get it i told John if i can picture my Christmas tree there you better believe i love it ha! We have been married almost 16 years and have lived in a apartment, our first house, 2 rentals, our last house and now a rental again we have lived in our first house which we brought our first 4 kids home to and that was a 954 sq foot house, to our last house which was 3500 sq feet i have come to decide i like a smaller house. OK by smaller i am thinking about 2500 sq feet is good for our family, we really don't want to move again for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time so i don't want something to big so as the kids start leaving it will be too big for us, but on the other hand we will still have kids home for over 18 years! Anyways just praying that God leads us to the right home for our family, in our BUDGET which is pretty small for this area of town and our size family but we will find something i know it =)

That's about it around here well her is a little more with some pics from the last month!

pumpkin bread with cream cheese frosting yummo!

Let the boys miss school for a MOPS playdate at the pumpkin patch!

Love this baby!

volleyball season is over Liz's team was GREAT this year they never lost a game not even in a tournament if i had to guess i would say they were 22-0 they never even play a 3rd game in a match they always won in 2 games! She had the BEST coach, she was wonderful and the team played SO good together

Liz's friend Hannah makes the best signs for all their friends! This one was one of my favorites

did a youtube cookbook tour, i had to do it in 2 parts because it was too long! Do you all watch youtube videos? I LOVE them and have been watching a lot lately!

I signed up for a online art class on skillshare have you guys heard of this site? Very cool! I paid $6 to take a hand lettering class, here is a link if you are interested in

last night we made breakfast for dinner always a favorite around here, we made pioneer woman's biscuit recipe that was fun =)

how are you all doing? getting ready for the holidays? i am excited i love this time of year!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

11 years

11 years is a long time.... 
11 years seems like yesterday
I have wondered what he would have been like, how our family would be different, how i would survive some thing like your child passing away.... I have learned in 11 years it is still tough, i will always wonder and question but i know we will see him again. Hug your babies, your not guaranteed tomorrow 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Just stuff....

Thought i would update on things going on in our lives, via a photo dump...

Cole has never sat in this awesome swing my friend gave me {he seems to young to me still} so Lilly keeps the seat warm and the batteries used by sticking this doll in there all the time!

back to school night at the boys school. 3 in elementary school. i laughed out loud when i saw this self portrait of my 5th grader.  We have been doing a lot of testing lately for Johnathan he is a little quirky and we are trying to figure out what is going on, things like this wear on a mommas heart. iep's, behavioral therapist/counselors, tests, meeting etc it's just.... a lot!

I wish there was like 10 of these candles in the clearance bin at target because i may have bought them all, it smells SO good! i had the weirdest pregnancy and could hardly stand any smells but now that i have had him i am missing having candles burning often but i am still a little sensitive, weird huh?

basically my motto ^^^^

Liz's volleyball is off to a good start. She is the captain this year and is loving her team and coach always a good sign!

pulled out the ONE box of Halloween/fall decor i have and took about 5 seconds why the baby was sleeping and everyone else was amused and threw everything up. It works

I cant believe this girl is a sophomore! Her entire school takes a trip to Hume and it is her favorite school activity of the year she said the speaker and worship were great. i need a getaway =)

MOPS started last week and we made coffee mugs as our craft we are reusing them each meeting instead of name tags they turned out great (these i found on pinterest and cant find the original link but anyway)

my secret pal got me these super adorable canisters <3 p="" them="">

MOPS wore this girl out and she is getting so big, she will be 4 this week!

she is obsessed with her "animals" as she calls them, even though they are not all animals. She sets them all up to watch movies i love this age!

and of course we are ready for fb season. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cole 3.5 weeks

Hi! It's been a couple of weeks since i have checked in here but i would think ya all would understand!
We are still obsessed with this baby boy, he is growing quickly and i want to remember these days because honestly they are my favorite times

gahhhhhh those feet! Love them he has big feet

cracks me up that he sleeps with his mouth open a lot, i kiss that mouth a million times a day.... So far he is still sleeping really well, if i can get him to eat about 7 he will eat again about 11-12 and then he will sleep until 5-6 i LOVE those nights! honestly i am a little tired but i don't mind getting up with him most nights it is usually just once so i cant complain

it's still so hot here poor Cole needed a break from being held

can you even handle it? SO beautiful i told ya all they were going to be great in my last post! i love love love them... I ordered baby announcements they should be here anytime i cant wait to see those!

cheeks for days......

there is nothing sweeter than seeing your husband holding his babies makes me so happy!

he looks like a little man this was on his 3 week "birthday"

baby booties are so cute! 

Lilly decorated Cole with stickers after a dental appointment the other day she has done great with him so far, pretty much gentle and loving

Our first church service tonight, apparently Cole was amused but it was so nice to be back and worshiping with our church i hadn't been in 6 weeks because the last few weeks of my pregnancy i was just miserable so i definitely missed it

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

my heart is SO full!!!

from the moment i saw him!

Cole Logan
9 pounds 8 ounces
21.5 inches
he is so perfect!

We are all pretty much in love...

My friend Davi came over and did a shoot already, oh my gosh i cant wait to see the pictures!

he is so adorable and so loved!
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer wrap up

School starts tomorrow.. this summer flew by. This momma is not complaining about that =) Along with school starting tomorrow, we are having our baby on Wednesday! The baby is measuring really big and my doctor doesn't want me to go into labor so she got the hospital to approve my c-section 5 days earlier PRAISE the Lord! i have been pregnant 6 times and this will be my 7th baby and i have had every pregnancy symptom imaginable but this pregnancy takes the cake i tell John my uterus is just old ha-ha! This will be my 5th c-section so my nerves are a little on edge but i am beyond excited to meet this little guy {we still haven't decided on the name}

Lilly is getting so excited, she swears we are naming the baby cookie! she practices putting diapers on her bear because she wants to change all the diapers herself HA!

she loves animals, too bad her mom doesn't 

Liz is loving high school (they started last Wednesday) she has lots of friends, is captain of her vb team and so far is excited for the year. lets hope the enthusiasm lasts i think it will she really does like school

Lilly is so sweet {most of the time} she asks every day to sleep in my bed or to watch cartoons in my room

i went to the hospital one day and this sign made it so real i am having a baby soon =)

this is a full circle moment for me, Liz begged for about 6 months for this and her dad obliged finally. the newness has worn off already of course

The big boys run from my camera so no pics of them today but know they are excited for school tomorrow. Backpacks are packed, lunch boxes ready to be packed and clothes picked out.

it was a fun summer!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I have been so busy getting the kids ready for back to school, getting ready for baby and i am not feeling my greatest. This pregnancy has been a doozy i am so thankful for this baby but man i am ready to not be pregnant anymore. i go to the doctor tomorrow and i am praying she agrees it is time to deliver at my appt last week i had a ultrasound the baby's head measured out of range {explains the horrible pressure} and the baby is guesstimate to weight at 8 pounds 11 pounds and that was a week ago i was only 36 weeks at that point so i could have a big boy on my hands =) anyway just thought i would check in to say hi =) my oldest starts school tomorrow she will be a sophmore hello when did my kids grow up?!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

my kids...

Every time i get close to having a baby i start to panic you know all the what if's running through my mind. This will be my 5th c-section so of course i have been warned about all the risks and possibilities. I normally begin to panic very early in pregnancy this time i have done really well i am sure it is because i have been up front with many friends who i know are praying for me to have peace i was always ashamed before but that did me no good so this time i shared and cried and they listened and they are praying... Tonight i was laying with Lilly and talking to her about tomorrow and our plans and just enjoying our night and it hit... what if???? When she went to her bed i bawled my eyes out and John let me without getting upset at me or telling me i was crazy. i told him i am scared and i try to think of the things i would want him to pass on just in case something happens.... The main things i would want him to tell them EVERY day is

  1. I love each of these kids so much, my heart could burst i am so proud of them all so different yet so cool! Aside from being John's wife there is no other title on earth i love more than "mom"
  2. Jesus has big big plans for each of them
  3. Be who you should be, don't aim low make big goals and go after them God is calling them to be different don't take the easy road. Work hard and love life

Jake is a funny kid.. literally. He is also very persistent and likes things to be fair. He loves to snuggle and needs to hear he is doing a great job the boy needs encouragement and words. i tell him i love him all the time he needs to hear it constantly.

Johnathan is my "original" child he is what some what consider a typical middle child, he likes to be with people... on his terms. This kid needs space, he enjoys being alone and likes to play make believe still even at 10. He is a thinker loves math and science and likes to figure out how things work, he retains information great! 

Oh Lilly.... this girl has my heart. We are so much alike it is not funny, we are passionate, loud and outspoken. I tell John that if something were to happen to me it makes me sad that Lilly will never remember me =( She needs lots of time, she likes to talk and be heard, she likes things her way and her way only and she is OBSESSED with animals (we are not a like in this area i am NOT a animal person at all) 

David is my strong sensitive kid. He puts on a strong front but is probably my most sensitive kid, he gets his feelings hurt easily. he needs time and lots of it he likes to ask questions and he will tell you EVERY.single.detail. of his day seriously he needs to do this its how he connects

oh my sweet Liz. If i could just take a second and tell you how proud i am of this girl she is like the best parts of John and I to make a amazing human being she is kind, compassionate and caring like her dad, she is competitive, a finisher and dedicated like myself. Liz needs encouragement she gets down on herself when she shouldn't she is AMAZING and she is going to do so many cool things i just know it. and most importantly she loves Jesus, like really does love him. I pray for her constantly 15 is a rough age and when you are quiet it can be tough to get lost in the shuffle of others especially high schoolers but i think she is going to come out on top and have a incredible life she wants to travel the world, serve others and make a difference she will i know it!

I hope this post wasn't a downer its just what is on my heart and i need to remind myself of all the great thins my kids have going on because hello the days are long sometimes. I have 3 weeks until this baby boy enters our life i cant wait to see what he will be like, based on my other kids i am pretty sure he is going to be awesome!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

last month of pregnancy

I have less than 4 weeks until my scheduled C-section. although part of me wants to make it to that lovely date August 26th, part of me wants to have that baby in the next week or so. I am extremely uncomfortable, this baby is frank breech so his little booty is just sitting there applying tons of pressure and this momma and her old uterus are about ready......

Today i did some grocery shopping i took my very helpful 11 year old he seriously has saved me this summer he pushes the cart, loads the car, unloads etc. i swore this was my last trip to Sams/Costco until after i have this baby and i hope the food never does these people think they need to eat every day =) i stocked up on easy to cook things because well i am tried.

this has been my most active baby and it still amazes me that we can grow little people in our tummies. God is so amazing, i really cant wait to meet this baby boy (still deciding on the name) and see how he will mesh into our family. Things i am praying for right now

  • successful delivery with no complications
  • healthy baby
  • healthy mommy
  • that the kids bond with him well 
  • that if i go in to labor my doctor is available to deliver, i love her and trust her with my life
  • that he has no allergies (i know this is silly but really everyone is allergic to EVERYTHING now a days i cant handle it!) 
  • that he sleeps well at night =) 
So that's it around here just counting down the days to meet my new boy 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer time

13 things.... Just random about summer
  1.   Even though I am not a huge fan of summer break I have really tried to relax and enjoy this one. I think I have done pretty good at it
  2.  I love routine, and fall and well my kids going away for hours every day so number 1 tends to be not my normal bend but like I said… I am working on it
  3.  I think the kids have had a good summer even though we haven’t done a  ton little things here and there add up to fun experiences right?!
  4.  Even though I love back to school, the first few weeks-month are panning out to be crazy busy and that’s not even counting having a baby lol
  5. Preparing for my LAST baby seems kind of crazy and so final… but I like knowing this is the last one and being able to enjoy all the little things of getting ready for a baby
  6. I still haven’t 100% committed to a name I am leaning towards Cole more now than Jude but I told john I will know when I see him. Good thing I am having a boy because I would never be able to decide if I were having a girl there are tons of girls names I love….
  7. We have had 17 days over a 100 degrees in July so far and the looks like we could have about 3-4 more at least
  8.  I am a little obsessed with the royal baby such a sweet story and I love Kate she is so pretty (plus I love the name Kate on my short list for girls haha!)
  9. This summer my favorite foods have been peaches, nectarines, iced tea, Pepsi, avocados on bread, pizza (I could eat it every day!)
  10. On Saturday when Johnathan turns 10 I will have 3 kids in double digits, more than single digits that’s a shift in our house. I can’t believe it has been 10 years since the twins were born and crazy to think they were not due until September 30 but were born in July!
  11. My family decided instead of a baby shower us girls would get together and are going out to dinner this weekend and celebrating the baby I am excited for that I love the girls in my family we always have fun! i love this idea so much!
  12.  I gave myself the goal of finishing my school clothes shopping for the kids by the first week in august so I have a little over a week to go... haven't even started, and of course everyone has had big growth spurts so they all need everything
  13.  I am so thankful for johnnie this summer (well all the time but specifically this summer) he has taken the kids swimming a ton, let me sleep in, take naps, told me to get away when he can tell I am overwhelmed, spoiled me, gets me water out of the garage when I am thirsty, he is a great provider for our family… I could go on and on I am so proud of the dad and person he is 

swimming at a friends! it took Jake the whole time to work up the bravery to do this, he finally did 5 minutes before we had to go he then tried like 10 times in the 5 minutes haha!

the big kids had a blast

my girlfriends threw me a baby shower.. so fun!

all my kids caught a cold it was a ugly one too....

John took the boys camping last weekend, pretty much the highlight of there summer they love being outdoors and they are all pretty obsessed with there dad... i cant blame them i am too =)

David turned 11, he wanted a red velvet cake from Costco he told me like 2 months before so funny but i got it for him and he loved it!